Razzmatazz, probably the best club in town, are celebratin their 10th anniversary, and the line-up for the party couldn't be better...Last week we had a short set of Vampire Weekend, the Drums and the youngs Sound of Arrow. This weekend we have Arcade Fire presenting new album and Primal Scream playing Screamdelica. We could continue with Suede next week, Aphex Twin, Caribou and so on, as the party goes on for a month.
But SCREAMDELICA?? Fran Buenavista, Mr encharged of lining up has had a vision!! And I can't wait to dance and scream to a solid gold classic. An album that changed history of music, because its unclassifiable, it sounds like rock, but it isn't, it's kind of dance, but it's not, they blend so many different styles that this something for everyone to enjoy, tomorrow, be there, at 21:30 sharp!